Not Too Late book cover

Not Too Late

The Power of Pushing Limits at Any Age

In Not Too Late, author Gwendolyn Bounds takes readers on the journey of her unexpected five-year path of transformation from an unathletic office executive glued to her screens into an age-group medalist and world championship competitor in obstacle course racing—a demanding military-style sport requiring speed, endurance, mobility, and strength.

In the book, Bounds explores how tackling something new and hard upended her expectations for middle age—while also helping her reconcile regrets of her youth. Her story takes us from playgrounds and gyms, where Bounds relearns childhood movements (swinging from monkey bars, climbing a rope); to far-flung Spartan Race courses, where she strives to master running in difficult terrain and to conquer challenges such as scaling tall walls, crawling under barbed wire, and carrying heavy loads of rocks up mountains.

Bounds’s journey offers inspiration and a road map for anyone craving more out of life. Woven through Not Too Late are insights from scientists, longevity doctors, a philosopher, elite athletes, and performance experts on how to reimagine our limits and who we think we are.

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